Introducing the Raphael Foundation

Raphael Foundation Ltd is a semi–rural residential initiative in Southern Tasmania. It is founded on anthroposophic indications for social renewal, agriculture, and Spiritual Science and is committed to the adoption of biodynamic principles in the development of food production gardens. It is now entering its fourth year of operation.


The Raphael Foundation Ltd was founded by a small group of Anthroposophists from differing Anthroposophical fields of endeavour. What brought us together was a shared dream to grow old with grace whilst maintaining an active life with a sense of belonging and purpose according to our diverse and changing abilities. We are also inspired to engage others, in their younger years, to learn and participate in the creation of a sustainable environment of beauty, interest and inspiration, to nourish and support individual and community health and wellbeing.

Raphael Foundation Ltd was incorporated as a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee in 2017 with a view to being ready to take on the stewardship of a suitable area of land.

Purchasing land

In 2019 a magnificent piece of land with a mix of pasture and trees came on the market and so we pooled our resources, formed a Unit Trust and purchased it. It is comprised of 3.2 hectares on 2 titles near Margate, bounded by a rivulet reserve, the Miellerie Honey Tasmania enterprise, and a country road.

Prior to the construction of any residential spaces, our community already extends beyond the boundaries of our land; we enjoy healthy interactions and meaningful relationships with friends and neighbours as well as the Tasmanian and National Anthroposophic community.

You can read the latest news about the initiative in our May 2023 Newsletter.


Annie Ball 
Directors, Raphael Foundation Ltd


Feature photo: courtesy of the Raphael Foundation