Grants and funding opportunities

The Management Committee of the Anthroposophical Society in Australia (ASinA) welcomes applications for funding that meet the objects and principles of the Society, namely ‘the cultivation of a genuine science of the spiritual world, and nurturing the soul life in all areas of human relationships, in the moral, religious, cultural and artistic life.’

What funding opportunities are available to members?

Art Grants 2023

Applications open 24 January 2023 and close 21 February 2023

Download the 2023 Arts Grants Application Form here. 

Other potential funding opportunities

Below are links to other funds to support members’ participation in activities, public events and workshops that anthroposophical wisdom for contemporary times and in local regions.


The Ileen Macpherson Trust

The purpose of this Trust is to promote the study and dissemination in Australia of Anthroposophy in accordance with the principles defined by Dr Rudolf Steiner.

The Ileen Macpherson Trust sees money to be a spiritual intention that allows new impulses and possibilities to enter the world.

The Trust supports such work, initiatives, projects and studies that will grow and deepen the work of Anthroposophy in Australia. It is a small trust and for the next couple of years our contribution will reflect the limited funding that is available. There are two funding rounds per year and they are advertised when open through ASinA branch newsletters and networks. These application dates do not have a specific date attached to them at present.

We welcome you to be in contact and share your ideas, hopes and your intentions to take up such work by contacting us on our website.


Ligsma Kirpe Trust Fund

This was established according to Ligsma Kirpe’s desire to further knowledge, understanding and practice of contemporary anthroposophy. Ligsma was a creative artist, born in Latvia in 1920, arriving as a displaced person in Australia in 1949. She lived in Melbourne until her death in 2013. Through her background as a trained fine artist and in her work with the principles of colour developed by Rudolf Steiner, Ligsma practiced art. She also shared her love of Steiner’s wisdom through her Creative Studies classes, the Uriel talks and her involvement with the society and with the Christian Community.

The fund supports activities and seeks to benefit all members of the community both within and beyond the anthroposophical movement. The fund does this by offering financial support for initiatives undertaken by members of the Victorian Branch of the Anthroposophical Society.