An holistic, culturally-rich learning environment

In Steiner (Waldorf) Education, the learning process is essentially threefold, engaging head, heart, and hands—or thinking, feeling, and doing. Steiner teachers work from this foundation to nurture and engage each child through a curriculum and methodology that integrates knowledge, arts, and practical skills. It encourages children and young adults to flourish in a culturally-rich, holistic learning environment oriented towards moral growth, social consciousness and citizenship.


Panning for gold, Dandenong Ranges Steiner School students.

Typically located in beautiful surroundings, Steiner schools seek to nurture each individual and connect them to the reverence and awe of the natural environment, one another, and the world around them. 

Steiner education for children at early childhood, primary and high school levels is offered by over 50 Steiner schools in Australia. Worldwide, there are more than 1000 schools in 60 countries and more than 2000 early childhood centres, kindergartens and home-based programs, Steiner schools are sometimes called Waldorf schools, as the first school was started in 1919 in Germany to educate children of employees at the Waldorf Astoria factory.


What’s different about Steiner education?

Sailing Camp Dandenong Ranges Steiner School

Steiner schools use the principles and indications for the development of consciousness in childhood given by Rudolf Steiner to develop a curriculum that meets the child’s changing needs as they grow towards adulthood. The Steiner/Waldorf school movement is a highly respected international educational movement with over 1050 schools in 60 countries. 

The education offers a supportive, structured environment for children to develop capacities for their future. Steiner education involves understanding all humans as beings of body, soul and spirit. Learning is addressed through academic subjects using creative and experiential approaches to support engagement and development for all levels of being.

Where to find more information?

You can find out more about Steiner education in Australia by contacting the Steiner Education Australia website.

Steiner schools cherish the right of children to childhood – and this is reflected in the staging of the Australian Steiner Curriculum which is recognised by ACARA.


Receive the children in reverence,
educate them in love,
and send them forth in freedom.


Photo credits: courtesy of Stephen Campbell