The Anthroposophical Society in Australia is part of an international movement supporting the work of philosopher Rudolf Steiner. 


Anthroposophy offers a pathway of understanding for those who are interested in developing an appreciation of humanity and the world from the perspective of spiritual science.

In over 6,000 lectures, and in his many books and teachings, Steiner offers diverse ways to bring spiritual understanding into our daily experience. People the world over have incorporated his wisdom into their approach to life and work.

Latest news

a picture of students of eurythmy dressed in long veils and tights Jan 12, 2021

Pacifica College of Eurythmy finishes second year of training

Pacifica College of Eurythmy finishes 2nd year of training Pacifica College is a new eurythmy training in Queensland, Australia Undeterred… Read more »

Dec 23, 2020

From the General Secretary

End-of-year update from General Secretary, Jane Bradshaw To the community, members and friends,  Since becoming General Secretary in August, I… Read more »

Dec 4, 2020

A new course on Spiritual Scientific research

Presented by Martin Samson with Ron Vaisey and Annet van Kesteren Throughout 2020 a small group has been meeting once… Read more »

“But what is Anthroposophy?”


Anthroposophy is a philosophy,
A path of knowledge,
a method of inquiry,
a way of seeing the world,
and a worldwide movement.
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