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About the Michael Group

The Michael Group was formally established in 1932. It is an ‘initiative group’ that has been particularly connected with fostering Education, the Arts, the Sciences (e.g. Health and Biodynamics) and celebrating the festivals.

In the mid-1980s, the Group sold its rooms in Little Lonsdale Street in the city in order to set up a Centre for Anthroposophy on a larger piece of land, which became known as ‘The Michael Centre’. The Michael Centre is home to the Michael Group, the Teacher Training Seminar, the Biodynamic Community Gardens, the Gabriel Trust‘s work through its Playgroups and Conversations with Parents, as well as meetings of the School for Spiritual Science. The Michael Centre adjoins the Melbourne Rudolf Steiner School and the Melbourne Therapy Centre.

For more information and membership enquiries about the Michael Group, please contact Lynne Klugman. 

For financial contributions, please contact Helen Cock.

For joining the email list for the newsletter, please contact Yasushi Hayashi

Postal contact
The Michael Centre
37A Wellington Park Drive
Victoria 3134