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About the NSW Branch

The NSW Branch encompasses perhaps the most number of Anthroposophic-based groups and affiliated communities in Australia. Although the Sydney Branch is possibly the most populous group, there are small hives of endeavour and study up and down the coast. The Northern Rivers area is particularly rich in activity, but there are also dedicated local groups in Coffs Harbour, Newcastle, Central Coast and Bowral, to name a few. 

A relatively new initiative is Shepherds Ground Farm and Village, which is creating a place for the renewal of rural village life. It has small viable farming ventures and businesses, sustainable clustered housing and simplified living that stimulates cultural expression, listening to the land and connectedness to country. 

NSW Branch Committee

Chair Ron Vaisey
Treasurer Kevan Millican
Committee members

Gavin Tang

Gudrun Ludescher

Mark Gallagher

Membership enquiries

Wendy Butler


NSW Branch Activities

For Greater Sydney-based information, please contact Annet van Kesteren
For more information about activities and locations in rural NSW, please contact Mark Gallagher. 
For information about the Northern Rivers Branch, please contact Jane Woodruff.