Australian Society Contact information for the Anthroposophical Society in Australia committee

About the Australian Society 

The Anthroposophical Society (ASinA) is spearheaded by the General Secretary, Jane Bradshaw. She is supported in her role by the Management Committee, who stand for re-election every three years. Together, they provide a focal point for the widespread state branches and local groups, provide governance and serve the ASinA and its members in a range of capacities, as listed below. 

The ASinA Management Committee members (2021-2022)

As of July9 2021, we welcome new members to the  ASinA Management Committee (2021-2022) and say farewell, with thanks, to outgoing Chair Christina Rubsamen and interim member Mark Gallagher.

Management Committee members: Zsofia Kennedy, Deb Neale, and Paul Martin with General Secretary Jane Bradshaw.

Chair Deborah Neale
Treasurer Zsofia Kennedy
Membership Registrar Graham Long
Public Officer Vivien Hillman

Peter Fern

Member Paul Martin
Member Anna Stover

Therese Flynn













Other national contacts

Journal Editor 

Mark Gallagher


Website Editor Fiona Campbell  
School of Spiritual
Science Coordinator
Helen Vogel (02) 6688 8301

ASinA postal contact 

Anthroposophical Society in Australia Association Inc.
PO Box 447
NSW 2264