Australian Society Contact information for the management committee of the Anthroposophical Society in Australia

About the Australian Society 

The Australian Society represents all members and friends of the the Anthroposophical Society in Australia (ASinA). The General Secretary of the Society, Jane Bradshaw, is the national spokesperson of the Society since August 2020.

Jane Bradshaw regularly meets with members and colleagues around the country and the world. She holds national and international dialogues with branch coordinators, Class holders, with the leadership at the Goetheanum and with other national secretaries. You can find her reports and reflections on this many meetings here.  


The ASinA Management Committee 

The Management Committee, a voluntary group of members who stand for re-election every three years, supports the general secretary in her work. Together, they provide a focal point for the widespread state branches and local groups, provide governance and serve the Australian Society and its members in a range of capacities, as listed below.

Purpose of the Management Committee

  • To ensure that the integrity of the Society’s legal obligations is upheld.
  • To ensure that the Society’s finances are transparent and solvent.
  • To support the general secretary in her role.
  • To ensure the affairs of the Society are consistent with its constitution.
  • To ensure the country-wide communication systems are contemporary and maintained, for example, the journal, website and newsletter.

The Management Committee’s work is informed by a circle of branch/group representatives through the general secretary.

As of July 2023, we welcome new member Helen Vogel, to be affirmed at the AGM in 2024.  We say farewell, with thanks, to Deborah Neale who has served as Chair for two years. 

Message from Jane Bradshaw

‘I would like to express my gratitude on behalf of the Management Committee and the members of the Society to Deborah Neale. Deborah has recently stepped down after being the Chairperson of the management committee for two years.

Deborah made many valuable contributions in her role and was a true-hearted support to me personally, as newly elected General Secretary and during difficult times of the unknown pandemic and beyond. She brought fresh energy to the committee, freely offering her contemporary knowledge and wisdom of life experience.

I also thank her family, Sonny, and four beautiful children for graciously sharing Deborah’s time and energy with the numerous meetings, phone calls and journeys.  Her contribution to pedagogy and to the formation of the Youth section is well-noted and ongoing.’

You can find the latest Chair report here. 


Management Committee members (July 2023)

Chair Peter Fern

Peter is WA Branch Secretary, Vice-Chair of The Indus Project and on the board of the Helena River Steiner School.

Treasurer Judith Howard

Judith has been an ASinA member since 1998, a member of the School of Spiritual Science since 2004, and an Inala Board member since 1998.

Public Officer Terry Flynn

Terry is the Public Officer for the Society. She works in an organic/biodynamic store in Canberra and is also Public Officer for the  Canberra Branch. 


Member Anna Stover

Connected to Anthroposophy in Tasmania since 2002, Anna brings organisational support and leadership skills to the ASinA. 

Member Helen Vogel
Helen is a retired Early Childhood Director and Teacher.  She has been a Class Holder since 2004 and the Treasurer for the School of Spiritual Science in Australia since 2013.


Other national contacts

Journal Editor Mark Gallagher

Mark is a retired biodynamic farmer, newspaper journalist and sub-editor. He has been co-editor of the Journal of Anthroposophy Australia since 2019.

School of Spiritual Science Treasurer Helen Vogel
Helen is a retired Early Childhood Director and Teacher.  She has been a Class Holder since 2004 and the Treasurer for the School of Spiritual Science in Australia since 2013.


Website Editor Fiona Campbell

Fiona is a Communications professional, visual artist and researcher. She holds a PhD in phenomenology and has been lecturing on Anthroposophy for 27 years. 

Member Register Graham Long

Graham also has had a very long association with Anthroposophy. He has been the Membership Registrar since 2006 and manages the distribution list for the Journal