The Anthroposophical Society About the Society and its management

About the Anthroposophical Society

The Anthroposophical Society in Australia (ASinA) is an organisation whose members aim to foster the life of the soul in the individual and in human society on the basis of an understanding of the spiritual world.

The Australian Society represents all members and friends of the the Anthroposophical Society in Australia (ASinA). The Society welcomes individual members and recognises varied groups from across 11 different regional branches. The ASinA supports the School for Spiritual Science in Australia. Australia is one of seventy-eight branches world-wide that form part of the General Anthroposophical Society founded by Rudolf Steiner in Dornach, Switzerland, in 1923. You are invited to consider membership in the society if you are interested in supporting this aim.

The General Secretary of the Society, Jane Bradshaw, is the national spokesperson of the Society. 

About the General Secretary of the Society

Jane Bradshaw is the current general secretary of the Anthroposophical Society in Australia. The general secretary serves as the spokesperson for the Society at home and in the international Anthroposophical movement. This role is supported by the branch/group representatives, with whom she works closely. The general secretary also meets monthly with the Management Committee.

Jane Bradshaw has held this position since August 2020. She regularly meets with members and colleagues around the country and the world. She holds national and international dialogues worldwide with branch coordinators, Class holders, with the leadership at the Goetheanum and with other national country representatives.

You can listen to an interview with Jane about what is means to be a general secretary of the Society and read her monthly reports and reflections here. 

Jane is also a specialist nurse consultant, trained in anthroposophic nursing in New Zealand. Born and bred on the island of Tasmania, the southernmost state of Australia, she has been a member of the Anthroposophical Society for more than 30 years. 

For more about Jane herself, you find a brief biography here

How is the Society managed?

The Management Committee, in partnership with the general secretary, acts as the executive body of the Society in Australia and is responsible for the management of society events and activities at the national level. The committee sees their overall purpose as being ‘in the service of the healthy evolution of Anthroposophy’. 

The committee works to ensure the Society in Australia is visible and relevant in the world, as well as encouraging the growth of local initiatives in support of anthroposophy.

The current constitution of the ASinA is available here.

The Management Committee is also responsible for the allocation of grant monies via the General Grant Fund. Please look here for more more information about funding. 

ASinA committee meetings are generally held monthly. There are also subcommittees for communications and networking, membership, events, youth engagement, diversity and the ASinA constitution.

For more information, please contact the General Secretary, Jane Bradshaw



‘For most people, philosophy is what philosophers do or have done when they philosophise.
And so there are so many answers to the question: “What is philosophy?” as there are philosophers.

But for Rudolf Steiner, on the other hand, philosophy is a real, self-sufficient being – like a ‘goddess’ who, over the course of history, has developed the same elements as human beings and who has a decisive task in the development of humanity.’


Christiane Haid, (2023). Is philosophy “a goddess? 24-26 February 2023, Seminar on Rudolf Steiner’s understanding of philosophy, Section for the Literary Arts and Humanities, Goetheanum, Dornach