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About the Canberra Branch

Anthroposophical activity in the ACT is centred in Canberra, the capital city of Australia. There is a small but very active local scene centred around study groups and festivals. You can subscribe to their monthly newsletter here. The Christian Community also has a presence as an affiliated community. 

Canberra Branch committee

Canberra Branch Co-ordinator
Committee business & general enquiries

Hannah Semler
Phone: 02 0402 782 632

Membership enquiries
School of Spiritual Science enquiries

Louise Pilon
Phone: 0411 512 412

Committee members 

Terry Flynn
Riitta Korpinen
Elaine Goodman

Postal Contact

Branch Co-ordinator
Hannah Semler
12 Collicott Cct
Macquarie ACT 2614

Branch Activities

Study groups: There are two study groups, both on Thursdays. Please contact Paul Harris for the morning group and Terry or Vince Flynn Ph: 0487 384 800 for the evening group. The evening  group is at capacity due to space limitations in private residences.

School of Spiritual Science: First Class Members only – Blue card required
First Class held at 1pm on the 3rd Sunday of the month. Please contact Louise Pilon for more information. Ph: 0411 512 412

Weston Creek Community Orchard working bees: Third Sunday of each month 10am -2pm. For enquiries contact Chris Boswell

Festivals: Please contact Riitta Korpinen Phone: 0408 221 385 for more information.