December 2023-2024


To commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Christmas Conference, the Michael Group in Melbourne hosted a four-day conference at The Michael Centre in Warranwood, Victoria.


In 1923/24 at the Christmas Conference, Rudolf Steiner spoke about his intention to found a ‘ new human community’ for Anthroposophy, to develop and ‘fully shape’ the Anthroposophical Society – for the human soul of today and to awareness of urgent civilisational tasks. A ‘spirit of hope’ was intended for a challenging time. The Anthroposophical Society and its School of Spiritual Science were to be newly founded, both spiritually and socially. A turning point for world society for Anthroposophy was initiated, one that combined the most profound esotericism with full publicity, and full openness. The School with its Sections and publications were made public: as such the spiritual impulses could enter the world where they were urgently needed. 

So in December 2023/2024, worldwide, people gathered to commemorate a 100 years of historical events, and the challenges have not become smaller. Materialism reigns supreme. The ‘courage to manage anthroposophical affairs’ is called for today more than ever, and the spirit of hope, earnestness, warmth and joy has informed the mood of the conferences.

Melbourne 27th to 31st December 

To commemorate the Melbourne conference, here is a pictorial reflection on the conference with photos by Kate West and design by Lauren Vogel. We hope you enjoy reading and viewing the photos to share with you some memories, thoughts and feelings from  the conference.


Jane Bradshaw and Helen Vogel
For the organising committee