The School of Spiritual Science


The School of Spiritual Science in Australia

The School of Spiritual Science is an esoteric school, a schooling path for spiritual scientific research, meditation and study.

Within the School are the First Class and the various more specialised Sections/fields of work.  The Class is the esoteric heart of the Anthroposophical Society and Section work.

The First Class

The Spirit in Human Being, sketch by Rudolf Steiner 1923

The First Class was established to fulfil the esoteric striving of contemporary human beings.

In the First Class the content of knowledge and guidance is offered through a series of Lessons with meditative mantras. One experiences how to build a bridge between the physical world (the exoteric world) and the spiritual world (the esoteric world).  This knowledge/wisdom, given originally through Rudolf Steiner, as revelations from the Time Spirit provide a conscious pathway which can help us address the challenges of our time and bring benefits and enrichment, not just for ourselves, but for the further development of humanity and cultural life. 

The First Class does not provide more information on Anthroposophy; rather, it provides a meditative experience of spirituality in the world and in the individual human being. It presents the experience of Anthroposophy. Through this experience, we receive guidance to help us address the challenges of our time and bring enrichment, not just for ourselves, but for the further development of our soul-spiritual cultural life. 

The human being can then become the question and the content in his or her humanity; from this foundational experience the schooling develops its various directions of work and focal points through specialised, vocational Section work. The inner training path of the First Class is the basis of all Section work. 

Find out more about the First Class

For general enquiries about the School of Spiritual Science, contact a member of the Facilitation Group. 

Why join the School?

Membership of the School arises out of a personal decision and a commitment to:

A will to develop a conscious meditative life, and to know and change oneself

The impulse to work collaboratively with other members of the School

A commitment to represent Anthroposophy in everyday life.

It is essential that the applicant has an inner longing for knowledge of spiritual science, an inner call to discover our place, responsibilities and tasks in the world.

How do I become a member?

Anyone who has been a participating member of the General Anthroposophical Society for a period of time who has carried out an heart-felt self-reflection in relation to the commitments outlined above can apply for admission to the School.

The first step is to request a conversation with your local Class Holder.  If you do not have the contact information for your local Class Holder, please contact your Branch Class Holder or you can contact a member of the Facilitation Group. 

When and where are the Class Lessons held?

In Australia, the Class Lessons are usually held once a month. There is a reading of the lesson and mantras, sometimes with a free ‘rendering’ where the class holder presents the content of the lesson through the lens of their own study and mediative work.  The Lessons are presented through the spoken word so the listeners experience the mantras as a living, weaving experience.

For information about times and locations of the First Class, contact your local Branch Class Holder.

What is Section work?

The task of the School of Spiritual Science is to conduct research in the sphere of the spirit and to offer encouragement, coordination and further training in fields with an anthroposophical orientation. First, you join the General Anthroposophical Section; then you may also join one of the sections that relate to your professional work and interests. All sections are involved in the practical study of spiritual science and meditation as related to their specific fields. They also work with general spiritual questions about destiny and reincarnation, and the meaning of our existence.

There are 11 sections altogether. In Australia, the following sections are active. Contact one of the Section representatives listed below:


General Section

The General Section encompasses the core fields of Anthroposophy itself: Spiritual Science studies and meditative practice, history of the human being and evolution; reincarnation and karma; Christology and knowledge of higher beings; social forms and social life; and questions arising from contemporary life and modern times.

Contact: Marilyn Lewis


Medical Section

Medical Section work devotes itself to medical and pharmaceutical research, as well as to training and continuing education of physicians, pharmacists, and therapists.

Contact: Narelle Savage MD

Fundamentals of Anthroposophic Medicine course


Pedagogical Section

The key task of this section is educational research and development based on the anthroposophical image of the human being.

Contact: Peggy Day-Hakker

Website: Pedagogical Section in Australia


Youth Section

Our task is to provide spaces for young people to explore their questions and develop their initiatives so that they can shape the future out of their unique potential and creativity. 

Contact: Deborah Neale 

YIP (International Youth Initiative Program)

Read about the tasks facing the youth today in this September 2023  report. 



Performing Arts Section

This section includes the arts of eurythmy, speech, music
and drama. 

Contact: Birgith Lugosi


Visual Arts Section

This section includes painting, sculpture, architecture, design, art history and colour studies. The visual art therapies and arts education are also included through inter-sectional work.

Contact: Jane Woodruff

Working Artistically with the Mantras

Art as a Path of Schooling 


Section for Literary Arts and Humanities

This section includes creative writing, storytelling, linguistics, history, and philosophy. Find out more about this section here.

Contact: Iris Curteis

Schooling Course for A Cultural-Spiritual Approach to Dying and Death

Facilitation Group

For general enquiries about the School of Spiritual Science please contact a member of the Facilitation Group of the Class. 

Coordinator  Marilyn Lewis (ACT)
Treasurer  Helen Vogel (QLD)
Member  David Baldwin (NSW)
Member  Philip Quenby (WA)



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Branch Class Holders

For membership enquiries, please contact your local Class Holder, if listed, or a member of the Facilitation Group if not. 

ACT Branch Marilyn Lewis
Northern Rivers Branch Jane Woodruff
QLD Branch

Jan Baker-Finch

SA Branch

Kerstin Andersson

Sydney Branch

Wolfgang Devine

TAS Branch Connie Nanscowen
VIC Branch Guenter Zimmermann
WA Branch Philip Quenby