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Gary Lachman Lectures-Hypnagogia and Precognitive Dreams

13 August,2019 @ 7:00 pm

| $15

Tuesday 13th August, starting at 7pm: Hypnagogia and Precognitive Dreams. Twice a day each of us enters a strange altered state of consciousness, that is like a dream but is in many ways different. This is the state hovering in between wakefulness and sleep called hypnagogia. Hypnagogic visions have inspired great artists, poets, and philosophers and for some they have been the gateway into other worlds and weird inner dimensions. From C. G. Jung to the Surrealists, hypnagogia has proved a fertile means of exploring the unconscious while wide awake, of dreaming with our eyes open. My tal with introduce this little known but universally human experience, its history and what it means for us today, and will include some of my own experiences with hypnagogia and the equally fascinating phenomenon of precognitive dreams, when the sleeping mind steps out of time and affords us a glimpse of the future.


13 August,2019
7:00 pm
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