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What is a lived experience? A deep dive into phenomenology

27 September,2023 @ 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

| $20


The Stream of Life Research Studio presents

A webinar on the activity of experiencing

as central to phenomenological practice


What does it really mean ‘to experience’ something? To ‘have an experience’? And is it different from a ‘lived experience’? We hear this phrase often these days, but is ‘an experience’ different to ‘a lived one’? How important is it to a fulfilled life to be able to live deeply into our experiences, as we are living them?

Let’s clarify! 

Phenomenology has been described as the study of the lived experience, as it is lived. In this webinar, we will take a deep dive into the nature of experiencing in the context of phenomenological practice. We will share different ways for learning to ‘capture ourselves in the act’ of experiencing and for recollecting such experiences afterwards so that they both enrich our quality of life and our professional practice.Our study theme will be the work of Arthur Zajonc on meditation and phenomenology.

This webinar is the fifth in our series, What is phenomenology?

Join us again! or join us for the first time. All welcome!


$20 donation or whatever you can afford to support us.
A reading from Arthur Zajonc’s work will be sent after booking. 


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How to join the webinar

Participants will be sent the Zoom link by email two (2) days beforehand, and then again one (1) hour beforehand. Please login for the webinar via your Zoom app and not via Eventbrite.

For more information

Please contact Fiona Campbell 


About the Stream of Life Research Studio

The focus of the studio is the study and understanding of the dynamic activity of the etheric or life forces in cosmos, nature and human being. We see phenomenology as central to this study.

Different members have different areas of expertise – spirituality, creativity, cognition, medical/therapeutic – but all are working out of Anthroposophy and use phenomenology as their primary research methodology, in an approach that stretches beyond the world of natural science into the arts, humanities and human sciences.

Founding Members

  • Dr Fiona Campbell is a researcher, lecturer, visual artist and arts educator. She has an ongoing project called Where Do New Ideas Come From? which investigates and promotes dynamic, enlivened thinking practices, offers arts-based seminars and workshops and lectures on consciousness studies. You can read more about her work here.
  • Dr Jude Samson, whose life quest is knowing how the world works, explores how the spiritual and physical work in union with each other, and provides opportunities for people to share in his knowledge and guidance. You can read more about Jude here.



27 September,2023
6:30 pm - 8:00 pm
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Jude Samson