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The Four Ethers and Universal Beauty

22 January - 20 February

Universal Beauty has the power to transform

Presenters: Johannes and Sue Schuster

An online seminar over 3 alternate weekends


Great works of art have the ability to affect us on such a deep level that we may suddenly experience tears of joy or even speechlessness. Great works of art all share a quality of timelessness which transcends their Age, with an ability not just to awaken, but with a  power to transform us. It seems that when such works of art touch on the good, the true and the beautiful, that they have ‘Universal Beauty.’

This seminar explores the nature of Universal Beauty in connection with Nature’s language of form, through the form signatures of the four elements, the four ethers and the four connected physical forces. Together these form four polarities, which Ernst Marti identified as Nature’s World Formula [1]  This ‘world formula’ gives us a profound insight as to how spirit connects with matter, which is the key question for Transformative Art & Architecture.


Over three alternating weekends, we will explore the question of how physical matter can be raised through art, to resonate on a higher etheric level, by employing the same vital life principles which nature uses. The point is not to copy nature’s forms, but rather understanding the form signatures of her underlying forces.

Johannes will explore the theoretic basis of the four ethers in morning lectures and discussions, whilst Sue will take the afternoon art practice sessions in drawing and clay modelling.

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You can find more information about this course, including costs and program details, here or contact  Johannes directly: 0414 724 587


[1] Marti, E., 2017. The Etheric: Broadening Science through Anthroposophy, Volume 1: The World of the Ethers (Vol. 1). Temple Lodge Publishing.






22 January
20 February
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