Grant Guidelines

The Management Group of the Anthroposophical Society in Australia (ASinA) welcomes applications for funding that meet the objects and principles of the Society, namely:


  1. The cultivation of a genuine science of the spiritual world,
  2. Nurturing the soul life in all areas of human relationships, in the moral, religious, cultural and artistic life.
  3. Nurturing the life of the soul both in individual and human society on the basis of a true knowledge of the spiritual world.
  4. Publishing by periodical journal or otherwise literature or other material in pursuit of the above objects.
  5. Raising by donation, membership contributions and other activities including but not limited to seminars, exhibitions, performance, lectures and courses, such funds as it may require in furtherance of these objects but always subject to its constitution, the Act and rules.


The purpose of the Anthroposophical Society will be the furtherance of spiritual research: that of the School of Spiritual Science will be this research itself.  A dogmatic stand in any field whatsoever is to be excluded from the Anthroposophical Society.

For all grant categories

  • Applicant needs to provide a clear budget, including their contribution and what other funds they can access
  • Any requests for amounts over $5,000 will be referred to a Reference Group and therefore applications may take longer to process.
  • In general, Professional Development will not attract funding as this is seen to be the task of the employer. There may be exceptions but the Management Group decision is final.

For events (conferences/workshops)

  •  Applicants must apply a minimum of 3 months prior to event

For projects (research, initiatives, translations

  • Research needs to be in line with the Society’s objects as stated in the Constitution (see above), and to be subject to peer review.
  • Translations – a competent individual or individuals will be needed to assess quality of
  • Projects must have real-world relevance.

For performances

  • ASinA does not give money for artist hourly rates, however, a nominal fee might be negotiable.
  • ASinA does not give money for per diems
  • Applicant needs to apply at least 6 months prior to performance/s.