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Friday 10th to Sunday 12th May 2019, Melbourne, Victoria 

Annual General Meeting and mini-conference of the Anthroposophical Society in Australia


Stepping into the Unknown … a Centennial opportunity!  


With anthroposophy entering its second century as an active reality in the world, how can we be awake and aware to what is wanting to grow in our present time and what is reaching towards us from the future?  We have the opportunity and responsibility to courageously find how human wisdom can become an individual and collective living experience through our attentive listening and our good will – love.


Where the surging deeds of the World’s becoming … Thine Own “I” unite with the World “I”


Following the visit of Constanza Kaliks and Bodo von Plato, this is an opportunity to work with the Foundation Stone Meditation as a beginning for our questions.  Such questions as:  Who and what is calling to me from the world? How can I bring the spirit into my daily life? How might our society better serve the wider society today? What would be a truly contemporary leadership form of the anthroposophical society?

Come and join other members whose hearts also burn with such questions as these – for together, in harmony of soul, those who ask such earnest questions are able to receive wise guidance from the spiritual world.1  


Request full details and the program from Vic Branch: David Morgan,

1    The Influence of Spiritual Beings upon Human Beings, R Steiner, 1 June 1908, Berlin, GA 102