The ASinA support Reconciliation

Deborah Neale, our newest member of the Management Committee and its ASinA officer for diversity and cultural competency, is attending the upcoming 3rd National Reconciliation Conference 23rd to 25th Feb 2021.  

The Australian Anthroposophical Society’s (ASinA) new strategic plan includes commitment to social renewal, cultural competency and diversity.

As part of this strategy, the Management Committee supports Reconciliation between non-indigenous Australians and our first nations peoples.

As a demonstration of this commitment, and in partnership with Reconciliation Australia, we will be developing a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) for the National Society here in Australia.

Deborah was chosen to be our representative at the conference as she is passionate about empowering the next generation. In light of this, she is researching Indigenous wisdom in the context of the Australian anthroposophical movement.

It is Deborah’s intention to create a National Reconciliation Plan Committee, initially with representatives from each branch to work with her to create a RAP for the National Society. This working group would then support each state branch to create its own RAP. 

Want to get involved?

Interested? Want to be part of the RAP initiative? Or just feel enthused about this new project? Please contact Deborah. She’d love to hear from you!


‘We have lived in this great country form many thousands of years and 200 years ago we began to interact with white-fellas and now Australia has become multicultural. Since then we have adopted to a new way of living, we learnt to speak your English Fluently. For years we have walked on a one-way street to learn the white people’s way. I have learnt to walk in two worlds and live in your towns and cities and even worked in them. Now is the time for you to come closer to understand us and to understand how we live and listen to what our needs are in our communities.

Dadirii –  is Aboriginal Spirituality. It is not only aboriginal, it is yours too. It means ‘Deep Listening’ – silent still awareness. You got to find your spirit because if you don’t you are just a being that is drifting through this life journey of yours’

Dr Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr Baumann
Indigenous Elder and Senior Australian of the year 2021